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What i looooove in this little game is the music and i think that the sfx shooting sound is good with the music but in this game is not good and not bad. The animation is poor , the enemys are easyand it gets boring. I think you could oriente youre next game more about music and a good gameplay. I made a game where you control a cube and there are no animation. It was my first game and what also made it really good was the music. but i know how hard it is to make a game.

mpeerson1 responds:

Hey, thanks for the comment and for playing. :)

Very fun .
I like it


I think you made a very great game there.
The only problems i think are the controls and picking up items.
The crontrols are a bit weard.
I make games myself and i was really impressed.
It is very hard to make games and i think the KI ,weapons, and the sounds were the hardest thinks. The police voice was a VERY good idea.
I think you made a very very good game but not an amazing one.
I would have made the level smaller but multiple levels and i would have an action game.
Im impressed.
keep it up.

I really like it. Its really fun but there is only 1 level :( but the idea with the difficulty is good.


Personnaly i think its a quite simple game that makes not a lot fun.
I also made my games as simple and i now how hard it is to make a game but this game is too repatitive. Its always the same short music loop , the same level and enemy.
I think it would be way more fun to play if you removed the block. I just started quick playing without reading the controls and just discovered the block function after 2 minutes and when i played without the block it was way more fun because it was wayyyyy more challenging. It was almost impossible to beat the enemy but after i discovered the block function it was only boring to only tap block and mouse 1. I would make a challenging game or a game with more action with this idea.
I hope your games get better.

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